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Terms & Conditions

The page content clarifies the customer's access to and use of the Newbet13 site service. 
Please read this agreement carefully and read carefully before accepting our services. Note that this protocol forms a legally binding agreement between you and Newbet13. 

In addition to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, please review our Privacy Policy, other related betting and website promotional terms and conditions that are updated regularly, or we may periodically inform you of other policy terms. 

By clicking "Submit" below and using the software specified below, you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement, the privacy protection rules, and other promotional terms and conditions relating to the gaming and website updates that are periodically updated when you register your account Wait. And disclaims any consequences, such as disqualification, freezing of accounts, confiscation of funds, or other related legal action, in the event of a breach of this Agreement. Details are listed below; 

Newbet13 Website ownership Newbet13 Limited, its access and use of the right to comply with the following terms; 

1. Once you use the services provided by Newbet13, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Company, will immediately have the appropriate legal effect. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of the Company, please do not visit, and use our website and software. 

2. Newbet13 will periodically update the relevant Terms and Conditions, so please check it regularly. If you continue to use our website services, you agree to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms of the update, please disable our website services. The latter will apply if the clause is in disagreement with other local special provisions. 

3. You agree to abide by the laws and regulations of the Newbet13 website service, do not violate the rights of others, or interfere with or affect other people's entertainment experience. We do not allow harassment of any kind, spread pornographic / offensive content, interfere with the daily communication processes of Newbet13, or otherwise adversely affect others. 

Definition of Terms 

- "Game" means the online entertainment system provided on the Site. 
- "Gaming" includes "sports", "casino", "poker" and all other related services and online entertainment. 
- "Equipment" means all applications, including all personal computers, notebooks, mobile phones, personal      electronic devices, PDA phones, etc., that are used to access online services. 
- "Information" refers to the information provided by the website, including the results, statistics, sports data, odds and so on. 
- "Software" means any computer program, data file, or any other object required to be installed on your computer for easy access to online services. 
- "Services" means software and games. 

Our rules state that Newbet13 recognizes that the customer uses the Newbet13 website software, uses the device to obtain information on the site, and participate in the online game of individual rights (non-transferable and non-exclusive). 
You agree that your access to our website software is owned by Newbet13 and / or our licensor, and that the software is for your personal use only and you do not have any rights to it. 

Please also note that our website software does not apply to the following: 
The age of 18 years of age. 
In their jurisdiction, below their legal age. 
Local legal requirements, visit our site is illegal. Newbet13 can not identify the customer's behavior in the local judiciary is legal, the customer himself has the responsibility to identify their own. 

Newbet13 is not responsible for the correctness, completeness, or update of the information provided (for example, the results provided by the site). We are not responsible for the accuracy of real-time results, statistics and midfield results. 

In order to prevent the use of our services by people who are not of legal age, Newbet13 reserves the right to ask for proof of age at any time. If you do not meet our age standards or if we suspect you are below our age standard, we have the right to suspend / cancel your account for a long / short term and to prevent you from participating in our services. 

The code and organization of the software are copyright, trade secret, intellectual property and other rights. You may not: 

Reproduce, distribute, publish, reverse engineer, reverse compile, disassemble, modify, or translate the Software or attempt to obtain a source code to make derivative works, or 
Sell, distribute, sublicense, transfer, distribute or rent the Software 
Through the Internet or other means to provide software to third parties 
You may export the Software to any country by electronic transmission or otherwise without the prior written consent of Newbet13.

Software usage is illegal or illegal 

(Any of the above is an "illegal use") 

In the event of any unlawful use of the loss, costs or related commission fees borne by the perpetrator. If you know anyone who illegally use our software to obtain commission, please report to our company in time, and please help us to provide you with the relevant information to start the investigation. 
Newbet13 The website uses the logo periodically, and other trademarks, service marks, and / or trade names belong to Newbet13 or to their organization members and / or their licensors, and the trademark is owned by the Newbet13 organization. In addition, 

Newbet13 Other content on the site, including software, images, graphics, graphics, photos, animations, videos, music, audiovisual text, etc., is owned by Newbet13 or its members and / or licensors. Is a company copyright and other intellectual property rights, shall not be violated by legal protection. You must agree that you may use our Web Sites and Services and do not have any rights to any part of it, and in no event will you use or infringe upon us without the written consent of Newbet13 or Newbet13 intellectual property protection legislation The content on the site. 

Revised and amended 

The Customer fully understands and accepts any modification of this Agreement by Newbet13. Newbet13 may make changes to this Agreement at any time and will post it on the relevant pages to which the Member enters. If we make any major changes to this Agreement, we will notify you in a proper manner (such as posting changes in a prominent place on the site and posting the changes). You are responsible for regularly reviewing the terms and policies to confirm your acceptance of the content, and if you continue to use the Site, you will be deemed to have accepted the Terms and Policies. 
All bets placed prior to the modification of the terms of the Agreement shall apply to the terms of the amended Agreement. All changes to the terms of the agreement will apply to the new terms of the agreement. If you can not accept the change, you can only resolve it by terminating the agreement. 


The use of the Terms and Conditions shall mean the services, software and information to which you are committed not to enter or use our Web Site for any unlawful purpose and to ensure that your actions do not violate your local laws or violate your agreement with Newbet13 . In particular (all other additional statements and warranties in the Agreement) you will ensure that you will perform the following agreements.

- You are not an individual with legal capacity to restrict your conduct; 
- Your statutory actions are for your personal and not for others or for other companies; 
- You agree that your participation in our services is voluntary and at your own risk; 
- You are not gambling; 
- You are at least 18 years of age, your conduct is lawful in your local law; 
- You agree to provide us with certain personal information (including specific information about the way you pay) when using our services. We will manage and control the information you provide in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 
- You are solely responsible for the revenue generated by the gaming profits. 
- You use our website only for personal use. You may only make betting for personal entertainment. 
- You agree and can bear the risk of loss caused by the use of this service, Newbet13 does not bear any risk to its loss; 
- Your deposit is not from an illegal or criminal activity; 
- You may not engage in illegal activities by using the Newbet13 account, or allow others to use your account to engage in any activity that violates your local and our laws; 
- You are committed to taking good care of your account and password and not allowing others to use it. If you lose or forget your account or password, you should contact our customer service department in time, we will send you new security information; 
- You are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your account and login information, and any online gambling with a user name and password will be deemed valid; 
- You may not in any way interfere with the use of our services, websites, devices, software or related information, in any way prevent other members from enjoying our services; 
- You may not in any way steal any other member of the relevant information; 
- You may not upload or distribute any programs, files or data with viruses that affect the operational performance of our web sites, software, services, etc., 
- You may not attempt to modify, reverse compile, reverse engineer, or disassemble our Software in any form. 
- You may not use any device, automated device, software, program or other means (similar to the foregoing) to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the services, equipment, software, web sites, information or any transaction provided on our website; 
- You may not publish any unlawful information about harassment, humiliation, defamation, threat, obscenity, or incitement to racial resentment on our website or device, or any other information that constitutes or encourages criminal conduct or causes civil liability Illegal information; 
- You may not initiate or participate in surveys, quizzes, or bulk posting of chain letters / spam, sales messages, etc. for Newbet13; 
- You can not have multiple accounts at the same time. If you have multiple accounts, the Company reserves the right to cancel or close your account. The Company reserves the right to cancel or close your account. The Company has the right to limit the customer to retain only one account; 
- You agree that the above general terms apply and agree that if the customer acts with any suspicion or irregularities, Newbet13 reserves the right to inform the relevant unions or local authorities without prior notice or explanation. 

Account Registration 

To register for the Newbet13 account, please complete the relevant account opening application form on our website. 

You agree to provide us with certain personal information (including specific information about the way you pay) when using our services. We will manage and control the information you provide in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

You must ensure that you provide true, complete, and up-to-date information. Your account name must be true and valid and consistent with your ID. You must also ensure that the name of your account is the same as the name on the credit or other account used for depositing and withdrawing money. If your personal information changes, you must inform us immediately. In order to confirm the name and address of the customer, Newbet13 has the right to contact the customer by way of letter or mail. 

The Company reserves the right to refuse the registration of the Client without consent and shall have the right not to explain. If the customer account registration information is found to be incorrect, misleading or incomplete, the Division has the right to close the account, return the account deposit funds, and all bets will be canceled. 

Bet acceptance conditions 

All bets placed on the Newbet13 website are subject to the relevant rules of the game and this Agreement. 
Newbet13 is not responsible for any typographical errors or unintentional human errors that may occur as a result of the publication of the odds. Newbet13 reserves the right to cancel the relevant bets. 

In any case, Newbet13 reserves the right to reject any bets without giving explanations. 

Bills of lading that comply with the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed valid only through the Newbet13 website or the device. Whatever the outcome, any other form of bet (by letter, mail, fax or otherwise) will not be accepted or deemed invalid. The customer's user name and password are the same, the account balance is sufficient, betting confirmation of the bet is valid bet, and betting confirmation information received after the note was considered valid. Note from the screen appears to confirm the information comes into effect. 

All notes are valid if the following conditions are met: User name and password are entered correctly and account balance is sufficient. 

The Client shall be liable for all transactions and actions arising out of his account, whether or not the transaction is made by the Client himself. 

If your betting information is correct, you are the only person who is responsible for this bet. Once the Division confirms your invoice, it shall not be canceled, withdrawn or altered, and the Note shall be deemed to be valid evidence of your bet. 

All Newbet13 entered betting records will be stored in the Newbet13 transaction database and will be valid for any transaction at any time. 

All invoices in the Newbet13 customer account transaction history display confirmation information, the Division are regarded as valid orders. 

All bets except for the bets on the ball bet Newbet13 after the start of the match have the right to cancel the bet. 

All betting notes that are known to be known at the time of betting are considered void bets. Newbet13 reserves the right to cancel such orders. 

The event information displayed on the website (event start time, red card, score, or other relevant information) is for informational purposes only. 

Results are confirmed at the end of the event, unless otherwise stated in the relevant sports or tournament rules. 72 hours after the release of the results, if any results are controversial, Newbet13 will not be recognized. Within 72 hours of the announcement, Newbet13 only corrects human errors or incorrect results. 

The winners and losers will be confirmed at the end of the event in accordance with the relevant rules. 

Newbet13 does not recognize races that have been interrupted, or any controversial proposals. 

If an Invalid option is present in a cross-border item, the note will be adjusted for the remaining active options. 

The client understands and accepts that all odds and odds are constantly changing and are fixed only at the moment of betting. 

In the event of odds or errors due to human error or system failure, all occurrences of Newbet13 in this case will retain the right to cancel, and the associated clearance option will be considered invalid. 

In the event of any system technical failure, such as was unable to resume normal trading, Newbet13 the right to manually confirm the ball dangerous ball bet. The account balance will then be adjusted to reflect the current betting of the member. 

Multiple betting on the same event will not be recognized 

Newbet13 has the final say in any relevant bets and transactions. 

You fully accept the random shuffling of the system software in poker games and accept other random game deals. 

It is not always stable that you fully agree to and accept WAP network links. The company only recognized our system has recorded a single note, any dislocation Note the Company is not liable. If you have any questions about any of your betting notes, please feel free to contact our customer service team to assist in checking your account history. 

Transaction settlement 

For a customer using a credit or debit card, the name of the card must match the name of the customer at the time of registration. If the name of the bank card is not the same as the name at the time of customer registration, Newbet13 reserves the right to trade settlement. 

Customer shall be liable for the repayment of debts if Customer has indebtedness to Newbet13 or any of its Members. In the case of payment, Newbet13 has the right to immediately freeze and / or close a customer's account if the customer is suspected of fraudulent use, including the use of a stolen credit card, or other fraudulent acts (such as recovering or subverting payments or money laundering) Its account balances and publish their information (state their identity) to any online entertainment website, bank, credit card company, and the relevant organizations and individuals entitled to access this information. Newbet13 will recover all costs from this client. 

Regardless of any event, game, the maximum amount of bonus per customer per day is RMB 500,000, or the equivalent amount of other currencies, excluding the principal. 

All net profit is not included in the principal. If the different types of Handicap mixed together, will apply the minimum maximum profit limit standard. 

In the event of a misrepresentation of funds in the Client's account, the Customer is obliged to notify the Company immediately. In any case, the unrecognized misplaced prize money will be treated as invalid and returned to Newbet13.

Account withdrawal

This bonus is only available to customers who receive an opportunity to win a prize from Newbet13, and any bonus must be in accordance with this Agreement and the applicable additional terms we provide. 

The withdrawal of bonus from the account before the customer shall comply with the relevant provisions of the provisions and restrictions, or will not be given. 

Customer withdrawal currency must be consistent with the deposit currency. 

Newbet13 reserves the right at any time to withdraw or modify bonuses or promotions and / or related specific terms and conditions, and shall not be liable to explain to the customer or to any third party. 


This bonus is only available to customers who receive an opportunity to win a prize from Newbet13, and any bonus must be in accordance with this Agreement and the applicable additional terms we provide. 

The withdrawal of bonus from the account before the customer shall comply with the relevant provisions of the provisions and restrictions, or will not be given. 

Newbet13 reserves the right to withdraw or modify bonuses or promotions and / or related specific terms and conditions at any time and is not responsible for interpreting the instructions to the customer or third parties.


Use of the services provided by the Company is the will of the customer, the risk should be borne by the customer. Participation in our services at the same time that customers agree that the services provided by the Company is normal, reasonable, fair and equitable. 

Certain legal rules do not expressly provide for the legality of online and off-line gambling, which is already specified in some legal rules. We do not encourage you to participate in our services if you are not legally permitted to do so in accordance with your local laws. In any country where gambling is considered illegal, the Company does not promote its nationals to join. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that your betting activity is lawful for your location at any time. 

Newbet13 shall not be liable for any loss resulting from misuse or delay of satellite reception, network interruptions, or personal misuse, negligence, or misinterpretation of the contents of the site. 
The Company does not provide any warranty or liability for delay, default or non-provision of services due to third-party services (such as wireless communication providers, etc.) provided by the Company's website and information. 

Any direct, indirect or material loss or loss of money, whether ordinary or otherwise, caused by Customer's access to or use of our website services, software, information services, or the downloading, installation or use of our software, regardless of whether Newbet13 is advised of its possibility, Newbet13 and Associates, partners, partners, employees and agents will not be held liable. 

You agree that some or all of the contents of this Agreement are temporary and that part of the Website may be modified or corrected. So this information is for reference only, between the customer and the Secretary does not constitute an agreement, contract, and security basis. 

You agree that all disclaimers are fair, fair and reasonable in distribution of risks and benefits, which reflects both the care of Newbet13 and the understanding and support of Newbet13. You further acknowledge the legality and enforceability of this provision. 

If the customer computer accessories on the results of our server and the results of inconsistencies, our server will display the results of the final results. In addition, the customer agrees that the rules of the game for the customer to participate in our services, betting status Newbet13 Entertainment The city has the final interpretation. 
Newbet13 disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the services we provide, and does not guarantee or warrant the quality, suitability, completeness, or accuracy of the Service. 

Newbet13 makes every effort to provide the highest quality, most secure and reliable service to our customers, however we do not warrant that the services we provide will be stable, timely and accurate, or that errors are corrected in a timely manner or that the site is free of viruses or worms . 

Newbet13 is solely entitled to suspend, terminate, modify, delete or add to the Service Content, temporarily or permanently, without notice to Customer, and Newbet13 shall not be liable for any damages arising out of such use.

Termination, closure or confiscation of the account 

Newbet13 has the right (sole decision) to cancel any prize money, to forfeit any betting account balance, to terminate the agreement or to freeze the account for breach of the terms 

We verify that you have more than one Newbet13 account. 
You violate any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 
We understand that you have fraudulent, conspiracy (fraudulent, etc.), illegal or misconduct records on other entertainment sites. 
Your registration information is untrue or intentionally misleading. 
You will not be required to submit any personally identifiable information. 
You have not reached the legal age. 
You "refund" or cause a "chargeback" against us or deny any Bets or deposits generated via their account. 
If, under the terms of this Agreement, your account is blocked from enjoying our services, your account may be reactivated only after you have completed the necessary corrective procedures and approved by us. 

Newbet13 has the absolute right to issue, update and close a member's account. Newbet13 The management has no right to make any final decision regarding the provision of the member's account or website. We reserve the right to close Client accounts at any time, for whatever reason. We will notify the Customer in advance of the decision, unless it is illegal or unenforceable in certain circumstances.

Breach of contract and claim 

If you violate this Agreement or some of its terms, Newbet13 reserves the right to take appropriate correspondence, including termination of the Agreement, to immediately block your access to our Site and our services, to close your account, to account for funds and / Of the legal means of litigation. 
You undertake to fully indemnify, indemnify, and hold harmless the costs, costs, expenses, attorneys' fees and other charges of Newbet13 and its shareholders, employees, employees, licensees, licensors, partners and affiliates in the following circumstances , As well as the maintenance of their legitimate rights and interests, so that from liability and negative implications. 
You violate the agreement or agreement part of the content; 
You violate the law or affect the legitimate rights and interests of third parties; 
The above negative result is caused by your own use of our website services, or other people use your account information caused by login, regardless of whether you are authorized. 


The rules of the game and any other terms of agreement regarding access to and use of the Site's services will constitute an integral part of the Agreement. 
Except as expressly provided, in the event of any conflict between the rules of the game and any terms of agreement or other parts of the agreement regarding access to and use of our services, the rules of the game shall prevail. 

Other Terms 

If a provision of the agreement is held to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable in a legal field, it will not affect the application of the provision in other legal areas or the application of the other provisions of the agreement to the scope of the law or other provisions In other areas of law. 

The title of the agreement is for informational purposes only and does not affect the constitution or interpretation of any term. 

Newbet13 can not perform its obligations under the Agreement if it is out of the control for reasons beyond its control (including natural disasters, government regulation, war, riots, interruptions, system crashes, interruption of telecommunications or broadband services, power outage, etc.) . 

In this Agreement, Newbet13 fails or delays the exercise or performance of any right, remedy, privilege, and does not constitute a waiver of such right by Newbet13 

Newbet13 reserves the right to transfer the Agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice. However, the customer has no right to transfer your rights or obligations with respect to the agreement. 

This Agreement does not create or give any rights or other benefits to third parties not associated with this Agreement. 

This Agreement shall not create or may not be deemed to result in a partnership, agency, trust or joint venture between Newbet13 and You. 

This agreement replaces the previous version of the latest full version of the agreement between you and Newbet13 regarding the use of the web services.